Monday, January 23, 2012


One of the organizations I have had the opportunity to learn about while down here in Port-au-Prince is Kado, a nonprofit that provides women with a living wage making gorgeous jewelry.  Most of these women are single mothers who lost their homes and some of their family in the earthquake.  They work on one of the balconies of Relax, rolling beads cut from cardboard boxes and stringing these incredible necklaces, bracelets and ornaments.  Combined with special beads from other Operation Blessing projects, such as Jerusalem stone or Kenyan glass, these items are an amazing and creative outlet for the ladies.

Naomi Darg started this project with the ladies a little while after the earthquake, and has been growing it with new products and new markets ever since.  She is in the process of applying for nonprofit status in the US, and I’ve been thankful to help guide her through the process while down here.  It is nice to put that degree to some use every now and then!

It has been a pleasure getting to know the ladies working with Kado and having them around.  Every cardboard box is saved for them, and it is fun to think about what kind of piece will come out of the box of cereal I just poured or the granola bars I stash in my bag for Lucy.  They love seeing Lucy around, and every time we are playing in the lounge or outside, they call hello to her and wait for her little “bonjou” or “bonswa” back.  I would love to spend more time with them out on the balcony, but whenever we go out Lu makes a grab for the beads or plays in the sticky varnish drops from the drying beads, and I feel we might be hindering more than helping!

Ladies working on the balcony.
Here are some pictures of the gorgeous products they have available.  I have already facilitated a couple of orders for friends, so if you are interested in ordering some jewelry or ornaments please let me know ASAP!  You can pay and order online through their website, and I can bring your items back with me when we return on January 30th and mail them to you myself!
Necklaces in every color!

You can see the quality of the cardboard and glass beads.

Some memory wire bracelets.

Check out their website, and order now!

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